1. Unearthed    Pavilion exploring the typology of the (Company’s) Gardens

  2. On the Grounds of Intersections

  3. The Living Room

  4. Temporary Sleeping Space

  5. Parts of a Whole

  6. Beyond the Unswept Floor

  7. Research Projects




My name is Emma Thea Kibel and I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently studying a Double Degree in Spatial Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy and Sustainability at Erasmus Univeristy College.

Artistic Statement 

My practice explores elements of Art, Architecture, Landscape, and Design through my fascination with space, which extends from the micro to the macro level.  Across these disciplines, the commonality of my work is retained through my love of research and the act of making through creative exploration within the practical and technical framework. I am currently navigating my way through the crossroads of interests, however, I am excited by the intersection of these overlapping disciplines and topics.  

My artistic practice, mainly sculpture and installation investigates space as a medium of transformation of the work through engaging a conversation between the viewer and work.

However, my fascination with space as a poetic medium to transcend conceptual thinking and research extends to the built environment and the urban and natural landscape.

My spatial design practice incorporates the same conceptual framework and research as art, yet the concept is transcended more into the functional and practical realm, which I find very exciting. The notion of moving conceptual pieces, out of the gallery space into the public realm is fascinating to me.

My second bachelor, being Sustainability (BSc) is transcended into my practice as sustainability is an interdisciplinary holistic practice that is interconnected to the social, natural, political, and economic realms. I bring this into my designs through my knowledge of Ecology, Plant Biology as well as the inherent ties to the post-colonial narrative that is present in so many cities today.


My skillsets include academic research, concept development and writing alongside various practical and artistic skillsets of hand drawing, sculpture, and model making.

-Adobe: Illustrator