1. Unearthed    Pavilion exploring the typology of the (Company’s) Gardens

  2. On the Grounds of Intersections

  3. The Living Room

  4. Temporary Sleeping Space

  5. Parts of a Whole

  6. Beyond the Unswept Floor

  7. Research Projects



Parts of a whole 

This work explores the fragmentation of memory, time and identity. The sculpture holds fractured images that reveal themselves at particular angles as you physically walk around the piece. By superimposing and breaking apart these images, I am reflecting on the complexity and layered notion of identity that is comprised of many narratives and perspectives.

The fragmented forms engage with space, and the overlap between space and time being place (Lesley Loko, The Past is a Foreign Country). I am fascinated with the relationship between place, time and space as it reflects my inner dialogue around my personal identity. I am a white, blonde woman from South Africa who is now living in the Netherlands. Growing up in Cape Town, a former Dutch colony I  was constantly confronted with my race and privilege. The impact of colonialism and the Apartheid regime are still very present in South Africa. Yet in the Netherlands, one does not feel a reminder of this history which prompted the dialogue behind this work. However, this piece also reflects on my emotions around the notion of ‘returning’ to Europe after my ancestors fled due to oppression and antisemitism. This work explores some of these natives through personal images which was either printed through cyanotype or painted.

A quote in an article by Lesley Lokko really spoke to me and inspired this work; ‘There is a complex relationship between home and away, between roots and routes and between origin and destination’. This quote really resonated with me and encapsulated this deeper and more complex notion of one's context. This represents the layered narratives of migration and the complex relationship between the parts and the whole.

Sculpture make of wire, cardboard, cyanotype photographic prints and paintings