1. Unearthed    Pavilion exploring the typology of the (Company’s) Gardens

  2. On the Grounds of Intersections

  3. The Living Room

  4. Temporary Sleeping Space

  5. Parts of a Whole

  6. Beyond the Unswept Floor

  7. Research Projects




This was a collaborative project in which we made and designed a temporary sleeping structure for the Motel Mozambique Festival. Our design plays with the contrast between the dynamic tensegrity form and soft fabric, to create a temporary and sustainable sleeping space.

Our concept explores the issue of the housing crisis and the number of people in search of a home in the Netherlands. We approach this topic by looking at the amount of unused spaces in the city. The location of our work is the APCOA parking lot as they are an interesting example of unused spaces when thinking towards a sustainable future.

We engaged with the contrast between the warmth and intimacy of a sleeping space amongst the cold, grey empty space of a parking lot. Our design itself echoes this idea as the soft draping of the fabric envelops the angular structure to create a screen of privacy, comfort, and intimacy in the space that separates public and private.

We chose to create our structure using tensegrity as this tension-based design has the element of a free-standing strong structure that uses minimal materials. This is also easy to construct and deconstruct, which is an advantage when creating a temporary structure for a festival. The interesting form of the tensegrity structure also allows for interesting variations of spaces to be created and accommodate a different number of people. Between these tensegrity structures, there is a hammock, which is attached via a hook mechanism which allows a practical solution in assembling the sleeping units.The canvas hammock within the structure becomes not only a place to sleep, but also an embrace of comfort, and a sense of security.

There was a conscious choice for sustainable materials, not only in the materiality itself but in the fact that none of the materials will be changed and thus can be fully reused.  We chose bamboo as is it a sustainable, light and strong material that can be an interesting approach to designing future structures as it can grow in Europe and grows quickly. Our design results in no material being damaged or altered and thus can be reused, recycled or returned.

desgin process and construcution