1. Unearthed    Pavilion exploring the typology of the (Company’s) Gardens

  2. On the Grounds of Intersections

  3. The Living Room

  4. Temporary Sleeping Space

  5. Parts of a Whole

  6. Beyond the Unswept Floor

  7. Research Projects



This installation explores what is beyond the ‘unswept floor’. I am questioning what are the consequences of this ‘cleanliness’ in Dutch cities in a physical and metaphorical sense.  What are the implications of people not being confronted with the difficult and uncomfortable issues in society.  I am contrasting this where I am from,  South Africa, where all the problems of the country are confronted and seen every day and litter is often such an eyesore among the natural environment as it clings on trees and fences due to the wind.

This installation is comprised of many different pieces that all made from trash collected from the streets. The process of making, researching and collecting materials were all an integral part of the final installation.

The wooden circular frames throughout the work act as frames of vision that reflect the act of looking, creating a controlled boundary of what gets seen. Are the issues not there if we cannot see them? Or are they still there, we just can’t see them? I am not implying that is a bad thing that the Netherlands keeps the city ‘swept’ in a literal and metaphorical sense, but rather questioning how this relates to deeper implications of how one sees the world.

Bringing this trash into the gallery space forces the confrontation of this ‘ugliness’ and discomfort. Hence, I want to encourage questioning and reflection on how the material changes when placed in an exhibition. However, I also wanted to explore how the presentation and aesthetics of objects relate to the way people interact with them and what they represent.

This idea of the unswept floor was also explored in an art historical context as early as the Roman second-century floor mosaic, titled ‘The unswept floor’ which also saw the floor as a canvas. This led to me my title,‘Beyond the Unswept Floor’ as the waste moves off the floor and into space. I wanted the viewer to confront the waste by being immersed in it and thus also focusing on what comes after the waste is swept away.